Let the Blogging Begin!

This all started in the shower.  Do you ever wish that the walls of your shower were a dry erase board because all your good ideas and thoughts happen in the shower…well, mine do anyway.  I have little pieces of paper all over the house with notes to myself, ideas, thoughtful comments other moms have said etc.  I thought to myself, self…you should get a notebook for all this.  It would organize everything and as an added bonus you would stop finding half eaten notes in your baby’s mouth.  Well, guess what? I now have a few notebooks and Gregor is still trying to eat the paper.  I told this all to a friend and she suggested a blog.  So here I am…blogging.

My idea for this blog is a forum to share ideas, thoughts and stories about the lives of moms.  While I would love to hear about wonderful children and wonderful lives I am more interested in the real day to day stuff.  This is a place for moms who hide their dirty dishes in the oven, consider popcorn and cake an ok occasional meal idea, sweep the floor…under the table for later and occasionally think “what the hell have I gotten my self into”.

I also have a lot of very insightful, talented and creative friends who I hope will contribute to this space.

Let the blogging begin!



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